Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I have spent a fair amount of time this last couple of days, browsing other peoples blogs. Some I found through Blogs of Note, others I have found by visiting those who have commented on blogs.
I haven't taken to everything I have seen or read, but one thing that really strikes me, is just how creative people are. Creativity seems to manifest itself in so many different ways. I have read about films, cookery, model making, and life in general. Even when the blogs are not about a creative activity, the blog itself is creative !
I have had "my other" blog since April last year and made a fair few posts but never really strayed to far from its topic. Its only this last month with the creation of this blog, that I have dared to be a bit more "open" about my thoughts. I have to say I have found it quite expressive in itself, spending time thinking how to present a thought, in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way is proving to be fun !!
Perhaps bloggers, in general, need to be creative, through artistic or linguistic expression, perhaps they are all in touch with the right side of their brain ??

One of the reasons I fell into blogging last year, was a desire to have more artistic control over how I presented my model making. I had been posting on forums relating to the subject matter but was rightly under the control of the forum owner. The other reason was a feeling of disappointment at the other form of social networking ... Facebook...  I joined Facebook thinking it was a great idea, allowing people to share and  truely "network" getting to know more about each other, perhaps even learn along the way. I now find that an endless stream of one line wall posts is somewhat "uncreative" Many people seem to use status updates to share things that are totally random?? When you compare a Facebook status of  "looking forward to my dinner" with a well written blog post .. I know what I would rather be reading !
If you came to this post via a link on Facebook, why not be daring and click on the B at the top right of the page and create a blog yourself ?

Back to creativity, I've been thinking of some things I have created, I build scale models as a hobby, repair property and fit kitchens and bathrooms for a living, so most of my waking hours are creating. Most of the time I can stand back and enjoy my creations which is very fulfilling. But there are some things I have had a hand in creating, which are much more impressive...

Having witnessed the birth of all three of my children and experienced the feelings when a tiny hand holds yours, I have to say THEY are my greatest creations, and I only played a small part :)

If you were wondering where the RJR comes from in all my internet names... Its the the 3 of them ... Rachel, Jacob and Ruth

In closing please take the time to watch this excellent short clip Creation, its VERY inspiring, well I think it is anyway !!

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Fickle Cattle said...

One of the reasons I started blogging was because I felt an impetus to create something of my own, perhaps unique, may be common, but in the end, always my own.


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