Friday, 25 February 2011

Driving Update

My first post on this blog was nearly a month ago now. The L plates are back marking the close of my stint as a driving instructor to my eldest daughter Rachel. The plan was always that Rachel would take a month out of "professional" driving lessons and the money saved paid for a month of insurance on my car.
I don't think it is a reflection on my teaching, but her driving has definitely improved. Its probably just being able to get out and practice more often in a more relaxed atmosphere. Well done Rach !
I'm happy to report that apart from a scuffed front passenger wheel trim the car is undamaged, which is a definite bonus, especially as it is now being sold...

We have decided to make some family car changes, partly prompted by escalating fuel prices.Currently unleaded is costing £1.30 for a litre, that's £5.85 per UK gallon or $7.92 for a US gallon ,which I think is a bit dearer than my state side friends will be paying, (Google suggests less than $3) Added  to the current prices, the news suggests that by the end of March further increases will result in a further 15pence a gallon due to the instability in the Middle East AND 15pence a gallon due to taxation a potential of  £6.30 per  UK gallon. (Dad if your reading this I remember when I was younger you complained at the price topping £1.00 a gallon !!!!)

So the plan is ...

Rachel, inherited a Hyundai Amica. A tiny 1litre car it will be more economical for city driving that Mrs RJR does a lot of, so this will be used for her work around Manchester. It is also cheaper to tax and hopefully insure. It has spent the last 15months parked on our drive. I fitted a new battery on Wednesday and it fired up first time, runs well and has only done 9,000 miles.

We have a VW Touran as a family car, currently used by Mrs RJR, It is big enough for my work and will be more efficient for me on motorways . So this will become my work vehicle. Having been ours from new it should also be the most known/reliable of our 3 vehicles. Keeping it will allow it to be used for longer family journeys, that he Amica would be uncomfortable in

I currently have a Citreon Berlingo which we will sell. The sale will free some cash that we can save for a future car purchase when the eldest can afford to run the silver car herself.
Its up for £2995 if anyone is interested :)

Of course the last point, Rachel running the silver car herself may be a while down the line.. So far the cheapest quote we have had for her to insure it, after passing her driving test was £3,000  which sounds expensive until you consider the dearest quote we have had is £10,000 !!!!!!!!! which I think this translates to .. we don't want to insure young new driivers !


Duckie. said...

Yes your right John, I like a lot of people said if it goes pass £1 a galleon we would stop driving,but that's when they got crafty and converted to Litres so you did'nt notice it creeping up so much.
The Berlingo isn't the most economical vehicle has its still the same engine as the van I was told and my 1.4 is in the ridiculous range for that size of engine!

Ben Shideler said...

Well, you are a much nicer parent than mine, as mine made me pay for my own insurance and my own petrol.

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