Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Good day to bury bad news ?

It would seem the world is in a state of constant change at the moment. The big news story is thousands of Egyptians taking the the streets to force change on their government. Im not an expert on Middle East politics but it would appear as a people they face problems not just from who rules, but also who doesn't. While the masses are out protesting they have to leave vigilantes at home to protect their property against opportunistic looters. Perhaps there is a lesson from the paradox,...when you topple a state you loose its protection as well as its harassment ? But then they may feel that is a price worth paying.

If you live in Australia and are recovering from the floods, the latest weather forecasts offer no let up with  Cyclone Yasi due to 186 miles per hour

At home we have the bizarre situation, that while most are trying to save money, the premier league is spending it like water. To be fair I am not a dedicated follower of, " the beautiful game " so my views will be clouded, but, surely in these times of prudence no player is worth £50M ?? I'm sure Liverpool fans don't value him so highly  now he has commented that its great to finally full fill his ambition to be at a big club.

Just a thought but the £225M total League spend would alternatively fund ....

  • Oldham Council is loosing £17M which will cost 850 jobs
  • Liverpool Council loosing £91M with 2000 job losses
  • Greater Manchester Police loosing £134M and 3000 jobs
  • Globally approx £5 spent buys a Mosquito net, which would save the 17% of African kids that die from Malaria (£225M buys a lot of £5 nets)

But of course these are just the headlines that dominate the news and the papers, Funny that the biggest reform to our National Health Service is being debated in Parliament, the white paper was put to debate on the 27th of January 2011 and yet it is hardly mentioned, if at all. Should the bill be passed, the government would like the changes to PCT's and GPs to be well under way by this time next year. Its a long and drawn out proposal but if your interested you can skim read it here

We have several NHS employees in our family, A doctor, a physiotherapist, a couple of nurses so financially it probably effects us more than many, but to listen to their opinions eventually it will effect us all in terms of our heath. Its a good job the incumbent government was elected on a manifesto of "ring fencing" NHS spending or heaven knows how they could have made major changes ! 

Perhaps it really is a good day to bury bad news ??


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