Friday, 4 February 2011


I'm not really a regular purchaser of newspapers but today I splashed out 20p for a copy of the Independents new offering " i "
I have seen it advertised on TV and I think part of the draw was just finding out what it was all about.

Growing up I don't ever recall my parents buying newspapers, but  my Father-in-Law, before retiring used to print the Express (not single handedly of course)

When Mrs RJR and I first met and dated, I have memories of sitting in her parents kitchen which always had copies of the Express on the table. On occasions the Express would print for other papers and some days there would be copies of The Sun. Of course to protect the innocent, my Father-in-Law would carefully tear just the nipples from the page 3 girls, which I always found amusing, surely taking the page out would be more successful ?

After getting married we always managed to be on his route home from work, so he would post a copy of The Express through our letter box at about 4am. To our shame there has been at least one occasion he woke us by shouting up the stairs, as the front door wasn't locked ! But I digress.. After his retirement we were faced with either doing without or buying our own paper, for a period Mrs RJR would buy an Express but that stopped, mainly because we both felt the paper we had become used to, always managed to paint its front page with doom and gloom. Headlines would depress you before you even open the paper, and generally reading the article, it became obvious they had gone out of their way to look for the worst in the story to put in big letters.

In the news at the moment are the stories of "phone hacking" and Mr Murdoch's News International wanting to expand its share in the Sky empire. From the outside it would seem that newspapers are no longer happy reporting the news, they want to be it, or worse create it. I also find it frustrating if listening to radio 2 on the way to work the story is "Today so and so will announce" can't we just wait till the announcement ??

Back to "i" it has to be said I was quite taken. The lady at Asda, when I paid, commented that it was very thin, which it is, but ...its just news and news in brief. It is more of cross between a printed paper and an internet feed. The stories are enough to inform, without endless paragraphs of waffle and opinion. Todays copy has 56 pages with very few adverts. The journalistic style seems to be factual and direct.

Here is a feed from the website to give you a feel of what they include, it is a live feed so if you come back to this post later it will still be current

So if I fancy buying a paper again it will probably be "i"

Thumbs up from me !


Duckie. said...

When I was an ambulanceman I would read an article in the news and later realise that I had been at the accident,but it was reported so wrong just to dramatise it that it was nothing like the real thing I had attended, thats why I tend not to read newspapers!, full of doom and glum as well, what about the nice things that happen, there must be some hey, or isn't that news as they know it

VioletSky said...

I have been delivering newspapers for over 12 years now and have noticed a dramatic decrease in the size and content of the papers and also a decrease in circulation (which the newspapers combat for advertisers by offering samples to anyone and everyone, often not taking a NO seriously). It seems to be mostly older people who still like to flip through the inky pages.

On one of my visits to Scotland, I got into reading the Independent and I became hooked. At home, I still like go to a local bookstore to read the day old UK papers. In general, I find UK newspapers to be much better written than NA ones.

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