Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Comedy Night !

For tonight's post I have trawled the net for some classic British Comedy, now at the best of times what is funny to one is not to another. It will be interesting to see if those that pop in here from "overseas" find this as funny as UK residents may.

Of course some of my closest may not always share my humour....

Here goes nothing.............................

First up is some classic Python, which I have a feeling Jake might end up quoting at me for weeks !

The second offering is the 2 Ronnies, even if you don't laugh you have to admit its very clever !

Next we have some early Lenny Henry, Never ask for salt !!!

Finally, Only Fools and Horses CLASSIC ?

I hope you found at least one amusing and you have at least half a smile before you go to bed !

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