Sunday, 6 March 2011

Concerts - who have you seen ?

Ever sit and think its about time you went to see another music concert ???

Perhaps you have fond memories of an outstanding night or can still feel the goose bumps from listening to a certain track live

I've seen a few acts live over the years..  But by far the best has been U2.

When I was 14, way back in 1982, U2 were new to the world of music and appeared at Manchester Apollo on their "War" tour. A couple of my friends went and I didn't, little did I know I would end up waiting 26 years to see them live !!!

In 2005 they played Manchester again, this time on their "Vertigo" tour, but by then they had progressed to stadiums ! My friend Brian and I talked about going but couldn't justify the expense, so we cheated. The city of Manchester Stadium has a large 'Asda Wallmart' next door, with a BIG car park. Brian and I drove down in his pick-up truck and spent the evening sat in the open back of it, drinking Lucozade, eating chocolate and listening to U2 live, booming out from the stadium. It was a bit of a party atmosphere as several others were parked up too. Imagine a drive in movie without the screen.

Finally Brian and I got tickets to U2's "360" tour at the open air Sheffield Don Valley Stadium. Now this could have been make or break, after 26 years of waiting it could have been a massive let down... but it wasn't !

The stage was magnificent, it apparently took 40 articulated trucks to transport and days to erect. it certainly stood out as you walked into the natural bowl that is Don Valley.

Elbow performed as support during the late afternoon and as this clip shows the stage really dominates.

You can make out the lead singer on the stage just higher than  the crowd, but everyone got a good view thanks to the HUGE 360 degree screen under "The claw"

As the evening moved on the atmosphere increased until U2 were due on stage then it just became Electric !! I guess due to how long they have been around most of the crowd new all the words to all the songs and yes I came home with a sore throat !!!!

I have spent a while looking for a suitable YouTube clip to add at this point and although there are dozens of live videos to show, I have chosen this one that shows the entire event in one (different venue), including the preparation we didn't see on the day ...

Would I go again.... YES, was it the best concert ever YES, so back to the opening line , I'm in the mood for a concert !!

Feel free to comment and share !


Ruth Teal said...

Hmmm not been to a concert.... will have to get my DAD to take me to one! haha


Lynn said...

So glad you enjoyed 360!!! My boyfriend worked the Chicago show held at Soldier Field so I got to see it as well. I'm not a huge U2 fan, but it was a great performance! Bono had a great energy that filled the stadium. My favorite shows though, have been been KISS, Tina Turner and Cher - great performers all the way around.

Duckie. said...

Noticed you didn't mention the Bowie "Glass Spider" concert, is that the one you want to forget !!

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