Saturday, 5 March 2011

Graphics for internet links

I have been trying to find a way to make the "RJR on the internet" page of this blog a bit more graphic, rather than just a list of links. Tonight I have been playing with some images and come up with the globe split 4 ways, clicking on any of the quarters takes you to the relevant page. I'm quite happy with it, well happy enough to adopt it anyway.

For those not familiar with the features available on BLOGGER, as well as the main window, with the sequential posts that you are currently reading, there is a facility to have up to 10 "pages". These pages are permanent posts linked to from the right hand column under the heading "Static Pages" At the moment I have only used 2 but have some ideas for more.

So here is the unveiling of the new RJR globe.

Description Description
Description Description

It will now reside on the static page "Places to find RJR" (look to the right >>>)

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