Friday, 18 March 2011

I'm a Mummy Blogger !

The very observant amongst you, may notice a new "badge" down on the right hand side bar, a bit like the one above ! Now you may be thinking, why is a man a member of Mummy Bloggers ? Good question, the simple answer is Mummy bloggers is really a network of Parent bloggers, although mainly female there are a few males signed up, their is even a sub group for "Daddy bloggers"
I joined because I came across it via one of the several blogs I read and thought Mmm.. I sometimes blog about being a parent, perhaps other parents may be interested. Going forward nothing will change here, but if a specific blog post is parent centred, I will also post it on the Mummy bloggers network. Simples !

If you have arrived here today from a link on Mummy Bloggers, welcome, feel free to browse and stay a while! Its not all about being a parent but family life is often what motivates a posting.

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