Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spider in the bath !

Memories are funny things, you entertain one and before long you have also sorts of others tagging along too.
A few days ago I posted about Sesame Street, and before that Nursery School and while I have been sat tonight my mind wandered to another TV classic, but this time not from my youth. In the early 90's the BBC ran a series of short kids cartoons about a spider. Rachel hadn't been born so Mrs RJR and I either watched these "kid flicks" on our own (I can show a girl a good time !), or we saw them as re-runs a little later with children in tow. My memory isn't good enough to determine which. 
We have the series on VHS video tape, remember them ?? They take up loads of room ,often get stuck in the player, take forever to fast forward to the bit you want and were worse quality than Beta-max that we as a public rejected. Anyway I digress, back to spiders... The Spider Song is such a simple but motivational 5 minutes of film. The story of a little boy who doesn't give up because he sees the ever persistent spider, perhaps inspired by Robert the Bruce most kids stories are recycled from history. I have used it years ago as part of a lesson but not watched it for such a long time ! So tonight I googled Spider song and found it on YouTube, isn't technology wonderful !!! 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, yes its aimed at kids, but watch with an open heart and mind, with the eyes of an adult perhaps you will connect and take something away for this coming week ?


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ELSID said...

Hi John. I love your writing style! Very easy and fun to motivation to get blogging is now quite massive! I didn't actually know they could be so interesting! I set one up but it was sooooo boring (i'm yawning thinking about it!)lol.

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