Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I have a couple of hobbies that I enjoy pursuing. Theoretically I guess you could say I favour the right side of the brain, as I am quite a creative person. (prompt correction from family member who knows more about brain function !)
The obvious hobby is blogging, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this !
I  have a very nerdy / anti-social pastime which involves disappearing to the shed at the  bottom of the garden and building scale models of trains.
I also like to take photographs, mainly of the things I have spent hours making.

In the photography department my efforts can improve, that's fine I love working towards improvement !!!
The opening picture, I have to admit to stealing, from my Brother-in-laws Flickr page, my justification ? Well it illustrates that some people are excellent photographers and even have certificates to prove it (creeping) I also justify the theft as although it's his picture, their my daughters :) I would strongly recommend popping in to his Flickr page (tonyp67) and being stunned by some of the art.

One of the things that impresses me, as I browse blogger is the amazing array of photographs I come across, which inspires me to improve and catch better pictures. In the meantime here are a couple I prepared earlier..

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Duckie. said...

Your viaduct picture is still my favourite, and like you bought a small camera to capture video's at my hobby, which turned out better than my more expensive earlier camera's,so technology is helping to make us all better picture takers, now just need to be more creative with it.Camera Samsung ES74 only £79 at Comet and does everything it says on the box!

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