Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rain means excitement ?

I listened to the radio with interest today, all about a proposal by the man up at the top of the Motor Racing elite. He feels that the addition of artificial rain will help to "spice up" racing. As someone not overly excited by motor racing I assume by spice up he means, make interesting.

The theory is that dry racing is too predictable, which results in a procession of cars just following each other round. The introduction of artificial wet conditions will force pit stops, tyre changes and differing tactics. I cant comment on whether this will impress the sports followers, but I can imagine a lot of arguments if the fake rain starts at the wrong time for someone who has the lead !
Perhaps if the rain is applied in the form of water canons by the opposition in a "total wipe-out" style even more interest could be added?

This all got me thinking, what other sports might I find more interesting if some artificial weather was added?

Would a sudden artificial breeze help out audience figures for divers for example ?

Yes I know darts is an indoor game (can't quite bring myself to call it a sport) but I can image a sudden dowsing with a hose pipe aka "artificial rain" would add some interest. On the down side a lot of the crowd might get upset if their beer gets watered down !

How about a snow storm at the snooker finals, again traditionally an indoor game, the snow would certainly alter the run of the ball ! Only problem I can see is would the white cue ball be visible? I understand that in snowy conditions footballers use an orange ball, but this would be silly in snooker as it would be too confusing with the other colours on the table !

Yes, I know I got a bit carried away, but it made me smile ! 

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Su said...

I'm totally in favour of a snow storm during a snooker game. They would have to choose a new cue colour, though; checkered, maybe? Is there a checkered snooker ball? (It's been years since I last watched.)

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