Tuesday, 5 April 2011

D is for Dynamic Views

Blogger has recently announced some exciting new changes that will allow for 5 new dynamic changes. Now they say that there are only 2 certainties in life Death and taxes, I would like to propose a 3rd.. CHANGE.

It took me a while to work out how to use the new views but I got there in the end, I am probably a bit slow but it wasn't easy to find.

If you would like to see my, or any blog in dynamic view simply add /view to the end of the existing address.

So my normal URL is www.rjrdaydreamer.blogspot.com

to see the new dynamic views the URL is www.rjrdaydreamer.blogspot.com/view

As said there are 5 new dynamic views, if you go to the link, in the top right is a blue drop down button, which allows you to select which of them you want. My favourite is Flipcard, as with all the views you can also make them part of the URL


There are currently limitations for example if your blog has a sidebar it doesn't show, there doesn't appear to be a place to "Follow" bit if you want to share a link to your blog and make it look a bit "Fancy" simply add /view on the end of your URL.

Finally a quick report on my endeavour to visit all the A-Z bloggers, So far I have popped in on 300 of you!


Wendy Fabulously said...

Thank you for the visit @ Fabulosity Nouveau John.

Anonymous said...

I will have to check this out.

Kris Yankee said...

Fellow A to Z'er stopping by. I'll have to check into this.

Jo Schaffer said...

Ah ha. I will take a look at that.
Nice to meet ya-- thanks for dropping by my blog. (=

I had an aunt serve a missions in Manchester back in the late 1970s.
I'm heading to London in June-- so excited to go back out there-- went to BYU Study Abroad there in the 1990s.

Margaret Hall said...

Hi...Like the one that is "view" but don't especially like the flipcard...Will you change it, or keep it like it is??..Just curious...Interesting info from Blogger, thanks!
See you at "E"

Mickey Burdick said...

Wow, I had no idea - and I'd just gotten used to the old way of things. Blast!
True, change is almost a certainty, like it or not. The new interface is a bit weird - it just doesn't have as much of a personal touch, I think. After all, the reason I blog is to meet new and interesting people, and I think the layout of the blog itself can be very telling.
That, and I just don't want to learn anything new at this point.
Man, I'm lazy...
Thanks for the visit - and good luck on the rest of the challenge!

RJR said...

Jo I hope you find the UK welcome as good as it ever was.
Margaret, After the initial fascination of the flipcard I think I am taking the same line as Mickey in that the new look lacks personality. I would miss my sidebar !

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Not sure what to make of these newer features. What I am sure of is that it's a pleasure to meet you from the A-Z Challenge, having arrived directly from Mickey Burdick's site. Looking forward to learning more about you!

Grammy said...

Hi, You are certainly doing well in having visited 300 blogs! I don't know how many I have visited, but I am doing as many as I can, as well as doing my own and playing Farmville. My other stuff will just have to wait until April is over.
I don't know anything about new blog features...haven't investigated them. :)

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