Monday, 11 April 2011

I is for ... I SEE you

I thought of a few possibilities for the letter 'I' , but decided writing about this one fitted best with me and the essence of my blogging experience. The tag line of my blog includes the suggestion that some times every day experiences prompt deep thoughts within me. I wonder if this is unusual or weird but that's the way I am. So back to the subject matter, I have to say I think AVATAR is one of the all time movie greats, from story line to special effects. I realise in many ways the story has been told before, in fact I bet if you were to watch Pocahontas and AVATAR back to back they would be very similar. Invading force takes advantage of indigenous population. Lead character from invading force (John Smith / Jack Sully) falls for chiefs daughter ( Pocahontas / Neytiri ) and changes sides. Throw in a spiritual tree and the films have a very similar storyboard, but of course, you all knew that.

Now taking away the jaw dropping effects in AVATAR and the film still stands out for some incredibly deep reasons. I consider myself a spiritual person, feelings and promptings play a big part in my life, there are some elements of AVATAR I found very inspiring on lots of levels. In particular the phrase the native Na'vi people use as a greeting .... " I SEE you " this on a very shallow level seems a pointless greeting, obviously they see you or they wouldn't offer a greeting !! But the key is in the emphasis on SEE, note I capitalised it in each quote. This is more than using vision, this is implying seeing into the soul. Yes this is just a film, but in life there are people we know so well, we can 'SEE' them on another level.

There are occasion in my life I have experienced speaking soul to soul, not in a fantasy / fiction sense, not a magical non speaking way, but in a real and personal way, just knowing that the other person gets what you are saying in their very inner being. Think of your own lives,

Ever looked into the eyes of the one you love and known you would do anything for them, that they would reciprocate that emotion?
Ever held your new born child and gazed in wonder into its eyes and know that you belong to each other?. Ever saved a choking child's life and known you would swap places if required, for them to live?
I have experienced all of these and they are captured by " I SEE you " It is a connection deeper than words -  it is on a spiritual level.
I could pick out other deep aspects of the film, but that would be straying from today's letter 'I' so they can wait for another day... In the meantime enjoy Leona Lewis singing the movie theme " I SEE you "

and a message for Mrs RJR " I SEE you "


Anonymous said... this life there are precious few who truly SEE us.
By the way....OMG is it really Monday somewhere right now??????

RJR said...

Actually it wasn't Monday ! I set the scheduled post incorrectly and you managed to get a premier of it before I reset to post at the correct time !

Tundiel said...

Avatar is a great movie, and I get the 'SEE' thing absolutely. Great 'I' (eye?) post!

Lucy Adams said...

Very deep post for a Monday. Nice parallel bewteen Pocahontas and Avatar. You leave me with a lot to think about.


RJR said...

Thanks Tundiel

Lucy, if I succeeded in making one person think, my work is done ;)

Ruthie said...

No, you are STILL ten ahead! haha

Karen Walker said...

Lovely, just lovely. I totally loved Avatar for the very reasons you talk about here. And you are right, we are so rarely "seen" by others, nor do we always "see" people the way we should. Thank you for this. Glad I found you on the a-z challenge.

Angela Felsted said...

Leona Lewis I can appreciate, and the feeling you get when you first look into your baby's eyes. It's probably the only thing that keeps that crying, screaming, fussing infant alive for the first year when its mom and dad are all sleep deprived and grumpy.

Crystal Pistol said...

The Avatar was a great movie. I saw it twice in the theater.

Speaking to the soul of another is a beautiful truth. So much more powerful than words.

Blue Blithers said...

Hey, I found you thru the A to Z blog challenge. Loved Avatar for too many reasons to list. Their greeting reminded me of the Hindu Namaste....."The spirit in me respects the spirit in you."

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