Saturday, 23 April 2011

T is for Twighlight

Okay so Twilight may not be in the top ten films/books of the average 40 something Dad, but what the heck I like it. I have read a fair amount of YA fiction, I don't censor my kids reading but its good to know what they are into.

I guess part of the draw of Twilight in the first place was the whole Stephanie Meyer being a Mormon thing, I was intrigued how a Mormon would tackle the underworld type theme ?

I was quite taken by the book and the different approach to vampires, aren't they supposed to die in the sunlight ? It certainly wasn't how I remembered them when I used to watch Buffy the vampire slayer !

One of the  things I noticed when we went as a family to see the film, was how much of the book was quoted in it. Much of the screenplay was almost if not completely direct book quotes. This could well be because Meyers short punctuated dialogue lent itself to movie sound bites ? I'm no book / film critic but I liked how true to the book the film had stayed.

Some favourite scenes / quotes ??

Edward to Bella
I'm the world's best predator, aren't I?
Everything about me invites you in - my voice, my face, even my smell. 
As if I need any of that!
As if you could outrun me.
As if you could fight me off.

Edward: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb ...
Bella: Stupid lamb.
Edward: Sick, masochistic lion.

You're worried, not because you're headed to meet a houseful of vampires, but because you think those vampires won't approve of you, correct?

About three things I was absolutely positive.
First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him-and I didn’t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

With the film I also like the subtlety of how scenes include information not yet divulged (unless you know the book)

In fact after thinking about using Twilight for T, Ruthie and I had a daddy / daughter date watching it on Tuesday !! Only she doesn't know this is my letter T yet (if you reading Hi Ruth !) Wonder if she will have the same idea?

The other thing I like about the film is the soundtrack. Muse is just the ideal track for the Baseball scene, and Paramore are pretty cool too!

Not a Twilight fan ?? You may like the alternative "Movie in minutes" parody ?

And just for the record, I don't get involved in the whole Team Edward / Team Jacob thing I leave that to my girls ...................

cos I'm  .......................                          Team Alice 


M.J. Fifield said...

There's a site called "How It Should Have Ended" that posts alternate endings to movies. The one they did for Twilight cracks me up every time I watch it. And I do actually watch it quite a lot.

RJR said...

hey just checked out "how it should have ended" yep that would have saved on making 3 more films !!!


Raejean said...

I'm not a fan of Twilight, but neither are my kids. One of them read them, but jumped off the bandwagon when everyone else jumped on. That being said, I've read a bunch of books to stay in the loop of my kids jokes and quotes.

It's nice seeing a dad involved at that level!

Donna said...

I agree with Raejean. It is refreshing to see a Dad interested enough to do this.

I sit and watch my son's various shows-Pokemon, Ben 10 etc to keep in the loop. He is now into Star Wars and I can't keep any of them straight.

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