Monday, 25 April 2011

U is for "U cant touch this"


Just in case you were wondering, after hours of extensive research, I can confirm this is definitely "U can't touch this" not "You can't touch this" !!

Of course with my random view on life, it would be no fun to just show Mr Hammer, so for you entertainment I present the most bizarre "U cant touch this" videos from Youtube

LORD VADER: Summon your 4 finest Stormtroopers
MINION: Why sir !
LORD VADER: Its Hammer time !!!

Next up its not shopping time ...... Its Hammer Time !!!!!!
Some of these shoppers look freaked out, probably because they cant work out how anyone can get hold of this many pairs of Hammer pants ?

Don't put a file in the cake .... Its time for a Hammer !!!
Maybe they get time off for good dancing ? But the guy in orange is out of step !

How to spice up a slow and soppy 1st wedding dance ? ... Add some Hammer
This was SO the Brides idea !!

Finally in an effort to educate and reward you for getting this far down the list, a tutorial so YOU too can have some Hammer time !!! 

Till tomorrow remember .........."U cant touch this !"


Anonymous said...

"U" don't want to!!

Raejean said...

That brings back memories! I guess some things are always cool.

M.J. Fifield said...

Wow. I am totally flashing back right now. My brother was a big MC Hammer fan. Had the pants and everything.

Darlene said...

Thanks for the entertainment! The instruction video at the end may come in handy someday.

Crystal Pistol said...

Hahahaa! MC Hammer was a genius! I actually super love the pants. I owned a black sequined pair last year. But then I sold them to acquire an artical of clothing equally as nuts and useless. That's how I roll.

oh oh oh oh oh....

Now why would I ever stop doing this?...

Thanks for the award, btw!

Dawn Embers said...

ROFL - and for once, when I say that I actually mean it. Oh my goodness, that was hilarious. Just the blog title made me laugh and the videos were even funnier. Nicely done.

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