Thursday, 28 April 2011

X marks the spot

Its taken some time but I've decided on an X !
I have gone for "X Marks the spot" in true treasure seeking style,
in honour of the many hidden treasures I've found while browsing through the 1200+ blogs in the challenge.

Although we don't have any pirates in the family, last year our eldest Rachel was selected along with around 35 other 16-18 year old's from schools around the country, to crew a tall ship for 12 days out on the North Sea. It was a fantastic opportunity as the voyage was fully sponsored by HSBC bank. The trip was mostly under sail with the kids manning the boat on a 24 hour shift rota.

Leaving from the North East of England, spending time in the North Sea and docking in Holland the finale of the cruise was sailing up the river Thames into London. Mrs RJR and I went down to the capital for a couple of days to pick her up. We got to watch as they came under Tower Bridge, while passing by the youth crew were all standing up in the rigging. (2nd from left, front mast)

To carry on with the pirate and treasure theme here is how you can join in. Did you know if you have a Facebook account you can select Pirate English as the language ??

From Settings at the top right you will find various options, on the language tab select English (Pirate) Once changed you will find the tab names change and when you now use Facebook, it will be just that bit more fun !!

To all A-Z bloggers, I hope you have found as much hidden treasure this month as I have ...


Anonymous said...

Arrr Maty...indeed I have. Teeasure galore.

Duncan D. Horne said...


Yes, I too have found some valuable treasure during this challenge, and hopefully I've been able to offer a little piece of treasure to others :)

Duncan In Kuantan

Crystal Pistol said...

Your daughter is a lucky duck! How fun! I'd LOVE to play pirate.

Did you say, My Bad? Do English people say that? I'm a typical dorky American who thinks English accents are uber posh and exciting.

I dated an English guy when I was at BYU. I think we only dated each other for the accent. Needless to say it disolved quickly. :)

RJR said...

Can't find the any reference to My Bad Crystal ? but if it makes me posh and exciting I'll claim it :)

Rae said...

The pirate ship sounds like fun! I need a place to get away after this challenge!

JPooley said...

Any reason why Downham on the treasure map? Something to do with Church History?

Cathy said...

What an amazing experience for your daughter.

I'm sure finding lots of treasures in the A to Z challenge.

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