Friday, 29 April 2011

Y is for YouTube

I have to say, I think YouTube is fascinating, and couldn't let Y go without mentioning it! This is a modified repost of one I made 2 months ago, titled "Getting noticed on YouTube" but I have spent a fair bit of time creating a new video added at the end, so skip there if you have read the first bit before.

Just out of interest I have left the viewing figures that were correct at the time of the original posting and just crossed them out, today's figures are added to show what a difference 2 months can make !

I've had an account with YouTube since November 2006 and as part of my model making hobby I have been uploading videos ever since.
In the 4+ years, I have created and uploaded 153 155 videos and collectively they have had 493,396 538,735views. But of them all, one video stands out head and shoulders above the rest for audience pulling power, with a whopping 255,292 288,501 views. 

My brother-in-law (who doesn't share an interest in my hobby) did suggest the video had been watched by several thousand sad individuals OR it has been watched by ONE VERY SAD individual several thousand times !!!

Now as much as I enjoy my hobby, I don't take it seriously enough to imagine small plastic trains hold that much of an attraction to thousands of people, so I did some delving into the YouTube insight statistics.
It would seem this video is most popular amongst middle aged men, in Asia, who found it searching Google.

Not convinced that Model Railways are the biggest hobby in the Asian continent, I decided to type "first night video" into and on YouTube search.


It turns out that the term "first night" has a bit of an adult theme particularly on the Asian Google  !! So I would imagine that most of my 288 thousand plus watchers, were somewhat disappointed with what they found.

Of course this could be considered a disappointment for me,
but there is a twist.... I get the last laugh....
Because of the videos popularity I was approached by TrackoneRecordings who asked if I would accept £50 to use YouTube's audio swap function to promote one of their songs !!!!
So for all you middle aged guys out there, that felt you had been let down by what you found... THANKS.... I probably enjoyed spending the cash more than you enjoyed watching my video.....................

So as not to be a complete cheat, I have created a new YouTube video to go with this post.  "A day with RJR Daydreamer" to mark the occasion. If you haven't been to England here is your chance to see a little bit round the Manchester Area.


Anonymous said...

This is so entirely freaky watching you drive on the WRONG side of the road We have a few roundabouts in Canada and, predictably, we seem to have a lot of trouble figuring them out. Great video. Keep those trains coming.

Anonymous said...

Just thought of this. Manchester is near Birmingham isn't it? My gran was born in Birmingham as were several generations before her.

Cathy said...

Loved the tour of Greater Manchester!

Funny how the Manchester Stake Center looks a lot like the Plainview, NY Stake Center.

I lived in Springfield, Massachusetts for a few years and we had traffic cirles (roundabouts) there. No problem. They've tried the concept here on Long Island ... but the New Yorkers aren't taking to it very well.

Crystal Pistol said...

Thanks to you I GOT AN AWARD! Yay! I'm Officially Magical! Thank you!

This post is cool! Awesome to see how and where you live.

My son liked the train video. He thought they were real. :)

JPooley said...

This reminds me of the computer game 'The Need for Speed.' You need to go a bit faster to get to the next level though. GAME OVER.

baygirl32 said...

yeah! that was great, keep posting them

Plain Jane said...

I posted about you and your you tube videos on my blog today if you want to stop over and take a look.

Empty Nest Insider said...

Interesting sights and trains with beautiful scenery! I'm very impressed with your work in remodeling the church too! Thanks for an amazing tour! Julie

Julie said...

Hi John! I just discovered your blog through A-Z. Better late than never!

I really enjoyed the tour of Manchester!

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