Saturday, 30 April 2011

Z is for Zero

That's Zero, 
no more,
entries for the A-Z blogging challenge !!

And I guess having now decided on a title and an opening line I could stop, but I'm not going to ! Instead here is a report from yesterday !!!

For those that may have missed it, yesterday here in England we had a "bit of a do" for Her Majesties eldest grandson. It was the stuff of fairy tales, a Prince goes to University and falls for a commoner who he after a long courtship marries. Although even as late as, in the church Prince William was seen saying to his future Father in law "thought we were going for a small family do" it was anything but !

It seemed that some of the quests decided if the boys could dress up as soldiers, they could come in fancy dress too. Princess Eugiene in particular stood out in her beige Reindeer outfit, the heavily pregnant Mrs Beckham defied gravity with her Pill box hat and the Queen came in a lovely Daffodil outfit.

Photobucket Photobucket

You will of course now realise, I am not a fashion expert !

I enjoyed watching the comings and going of various cars to and from Abbey, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning in her dress (note as she is not of Royal decent she is not a Princess) and I thought the service reflected in a very direct way, the fact that we are still a Christian nation.
It is reported that 500,000 people stood in front of the Palace to watch the newly weds share their first kiss (twice)

As a family our day didn't end after the wedding though, we to had tickets to the Palace !!!! Yes you read that correctly we had Tickets to the Palace, I jest not ! Not THE Palace that was on TV though, ours were for the Palace theatre in Manchester, to see the stage show of Mamma Mia. Grandma and Grandad had arranged for them some time ago to treat the kids and Mrs RJR and I were allowed to go too. 

It was an unusual experience, as a man I did feel somewhat outnumbered, in fact to be totally honest I felt like I had gatecrashed a hen night ! It turns out poor Jacob the middle child felt the same and later confided he doesn't even like ABBA. I have to say it was funny, upbeat and well performed, with some excellent performances. A few too many topless men for me to really be comfortable with, but most of the crowd seemed to like that !
After the intermission it became obvious that  the bar served alcohol, as some of the "older" ladies who should of known better were dancing in their seats. The older gentleman sat across the isle from me, that seemed to have come on his own, didn't know what to make of it all!!
Top songs... "Chiquitita" for its comic timing, "Slipping through my fingers" because it makes you think and Super Trooper. Then when the encore came around the entire house stood, danced and clapped , except the men, who stood, smiled and folded their arms !

If you get the chance go and see it you will enjoy it ! 
Here is how it looked but this clip is the London cast.

At this point I would normally say "Til tomorrow" but that's the end of the A-Z challenge...

I have one more "review" post planned though :) 


Duncan D. Horne said...

I watched the Royal Wedding on TV here in Malaysia and I was riveted throughout. I thought it was absolutely majestic, perfectly prepared and executed, and made me mighty proud to be English again!

Duncan In Kuantan

Anonymous said...

At least you always knew where Eugenie was in that ridiculous hat.

baygirl32 said...

its OVER! what a ride this challenge has been!

Empty Nest Insider said...

You had a very busy day between the Royal Wedding and the play! Next time you should have your choice of activities! Julie

Auto Title Loans said...

I'm pretty sure your fashion comments are spot on as far as criticism goes. Maybe you're a fashion expert and just didn't know it. I haven't seen the live version of Mamma Mia! but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Something about watching it after I've seen Meryl Streep and Pierce sing, just ruins it for me!

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