Friday, 10 June 2011

Cant keep up !

I have just spent the last hour redesigning the Family Bloggers page.
If you have visited it before, you will remember it was formatted as family members pictures, placed on a sectioned Oak tree. Well it looked okay but every time another family member started blogging, I had to redo the tree !!! So I have given up and gone for simple click-able pictures of just the person. The reason the redesign was needed... Rachel has started a blog !

To save you the trouble of going to look here it is ...

Family Bloggers

Blogging seems to be addictive ! 
We now have family members from 3 generations, blogging away at various rates.              


   Description  Description  Description

   Description  Description  Description

Along with personal blogs, some of the immediate family have business ventures that are promoted via blogger.


             Description     Description

Last but not least we also use blogger for a church Young Women Group



The last link is my latest and previously undisclosed blogging adventure, in partnership with Mrs RJR.


Duckie. said...

Like the new family pyramid, better than the tree, that needed pruning anyway.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Didn't realize there was a whole family of you blogging!

Amber said...

That is very cool. How awesome to combine the family. My brother keeps saying he is going to start a blog for his kids, this would be a great way to share:)

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