Monday, 27 June 2011

Glastonbury - Beyonce - 2011

I cant say it has ever appealed to me to go to Worthy Farm in Somerset to attend the music festival known to the world as Glastonbury. I'm not a camping kind of guy and I don't fancy sharing 2 porta-loos with 180,000 music fans. Yes I know there are more than 2 toilets, but it's not exactly en-suite is it ? Unless of course you pitch you tent next to the porta-loos, but on second thoughts... Anyway this weekend was the event, fortunately for people like me BBC television has some excellent coverage, just like being there, minus the queues, mud,rain,smell and crowds. Plus you get to see the act not a dot on the horizon.

This years Headline acts were all my type of music.
Friday night was U2, been there done that, seen them in concert. They put on a good show but ... I don't see why some bands feel the need to extent a song by 5mins, with a rambling bit in the middle. The Edge is a great guitar player, but when I'm not stuck in the moment, an unscheduled guitar solo just seems too much.
Saturday was better, Cold Play did an outstanding set playing all their classics, "Clocks" was an excellent track. BUT the show stopper, the girl that has the honour of being the first female headline/closing act was Beyonce on Sunday.

The picture at the start is not from Glastonbury. Mrs RJR took it when she went with Rachel to a Beyonce concert in Manchester a couple of years ago. As you can see they got pretty close. So you can image we quite like Beyonce at "chez RJR"
Her performance on Sunday evening was outstanding, in fact I have just watched it again while doing this weeks ironing pile ! Vocals and stage presence confirm she is a Diva and she had the crowd of 175,00, eating out of her hand. Mrs RJR is a Physiotherapist (physical therapist) and sits mesmerized, occasionally pointing out just how impressive her dancing is "that shouldn't be possible" she can be heard saying !
I mentioned in my 3 songs post a couple of days ago I like "Irreplaceable" so here it is live from Glastonbury

Finally back to why I don't go to Glastonbury..  check out this newspaper article to see what the field in front of the Pyramid stage looks like, when the crowd goes home !!! HERE


Anonymous said...

Much more comfy to sit in your own living room close to the kitchen and the bathroom and see everything you need to see. Oh man, I must be getting old.

Sarah Allen said...

Beyonce is jealousy-inducingly gorgeous. And I'm not a big camper either :) Much more comfortable in front of a screen...working on a book, I mean, not just watching TV :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Debbie said...

hmmm sharing of the potties doesn't sound appealing. I have enjoyed camping in my younger years, afraid how my aching body would handle the hard ground now thou :P

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