Monday, 11 July 2011

Harry Potter meets Katy Perry meets BYU

This week has seen the release of the last instalment of the Harry Potter movie series..

I didn't feel a pressing need to join the 25000 fans in London trying to see the stars walking the red carpet on Premier night, no doubt I will in the coming weeks see the film though..

But today I have for you something just a little different.
A band of students at BYU known as Divine comedy have a different take on Katy Perry's latest song "Firework"

If you click the cc button in the video bar you can get the lyric up in caption form to sing along !

Final bit of trivia for you - Katy Perry has a cat she called Kitty Purry


Anonymous said...


Cathy said...

Oh that was GOOD!

Raejean said...

One of my kiddos asked if that's what's to be expected when the movie is released in the states.

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