Monday, 22 August 2011

Exciting New Challenges

As September approaches, so does my new church assignment.

The 14 - 18 year old youth at church have the option to take an early morning scripture study class, I have mention this before around in a post Easter Time.

Last year I occasionally taught this class as a substitute teacher, but I have now been given the role full time. This means I will be teaching a 50 minute class 5 mornings a week from 6:10am - 7:00am.
The course of study for the year is the Old Testament.
The challenge - to engage a class of 12, possibly 13 teenagers at ridiculous o'clock in the morning ! I have to say they are an excellent group. As they all attend our ward (church unit) I have known most of them since they were tiny and two of them are mine.

Here are 12 of them, taken last night at an introduction meeting we had for students and their parents. The purpose was to get them enthused to study a book that a lot of adults find dull and boring. As part of the presentation I made and showed a video with some "trailers" for classic stories..

Along with teaching in the morning, I am running a Blog for the class, with information and updates for students and parents  If you fancy a look, click on the image below.

Oldham Seminary

Finally, with all the well wishes and concern expressed for my Mum, I have added a box on the right had column, that I will keep updated with her progress.  


Cathy said...

Your seminary trailer is fantastic! I can't wait to show my 16yo. 6:10 to 7 am, huh? Our kids meet from 5:30 - 6:15! It's very, very early. But Jenna's learning to drive this year and there'll be no one else on the road at that time in the morning! LOL.

Cathy said...

PS: I love your seminary blog. Jenna's going to be very jealous.

Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Congrats on the Seminary job. Old Testament can be a blast - it's the only volume of scripture where you can teach the kids things they have never, ever heard about.

Best of luck! I am happy for you.

Lynn said...

Congratulations on the new role inspiring the young! I'm sure you'll be excellent at it, as you are great at inspiring others via your blog! Great video clips - I saw Joseph years ago and loved it! Also, sending well wishes for you, your mum and family!

Crystal Pistol said...

Good luck teaching seminary! It will bring you and your family so many blessings.

My dad taught seminary when I was in high school. I loved having him there with me every morning.

You'll do a wonderful job. I just know it!

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