Monday, 8 August 2011

The Wedding

Gayatri before the service

Around 11 years ago when we moved to our current home, we also changed congregations or as LDS would say we moved "wards" as we are encouraged to attend the unit of the church in which we geographically live.

Our family quickly became friends with the Caffery's although their children were slightly older. Over time we have shared all sorts of experiences, activities, meals and Holidays. Its one of those friendships that allow you to wander into someone's home unannounced, the best type, where you just feel comfortable putting your feet up on someone else's couch !

This weekend was the wedding of their eldest son Scott, To a beautiful young lady from France, Gayatri. Now if your not a Mormon you may find our weddings very old fashioned ! Think families, a church service, a buffet organised by friends in the church hall, people bringing things and helping out. It's all about the act of getting married not about spending money and having the best. In fact if we were Amish we would raise a barn or two while we were at it !!

In keeping with this simple approach I was asked to be the "wedding photographer"
Now I am under no illusions, I know I only have two qualifications for the job..

1) I own a camera
2) I'm free !

So armed with my trusty compact and my daughters camera too, just in case mine fails ! I set about taking pictures. The plus point is you get to spend a bit of extra quiet time with the Bride and Groom !

Gayatri's siblings

Scots's siblings

Scotts nephew and niece

The happy couple

It was a wonderful day right up to sweeping the hall floor, I said we all chipped in !!!
It was also fun getting around the language issues as well. Although Gayatri speaks excellent English, of the rest of her family, only her Father does.
Lots of speaking English slow and loud, which is the English way of speaking French !

In a break with normal English tradition guests had been pre-invited to share their talents after the buffet, this produced an hour plus medley of piano playing, dancing, poetry, skits, flutes and singing.

If you would like to see more, all of the photos are available on line as a slide show
It was planned this way to help let all the guests, many who had travelled from other countries, to see the pictures quickly.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think you got some really nice shots!

Susan Kane said...

How precious! A lovely family, and lovely photos! No barns, this time?

Anonymous said...

Definitely a sensible kind of wedding and what a lovely bride. Best wishes to them for a successful marriage.

Cathy said...

Great pictures. Of course, when the rest of the ward sees them you may never put the camera down again.

Diane said...

Well, the pictures are beautiful. I especially like the one of the bride and her sibs. I love Mormon weddings. I can't tell you how many vacuums I've run at 11:30 at night . . .

Jennee said...

beautiful pictures! looks like it was a great wedding.

Duckie. said...

Can still remember your wedding, what a wonderful day that was! and the service with singers and speakers was out of this world, there again you were both walking on cloud nine!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

The very best kind of wedding! It should be more about the marriage, and less about a lavish one-day extravaganza wedding. I've known far too many people whose wedding bills outlasted their marriages. Our was very simple, and everyone had a marvelous time.

Crystal Pistol said...

Great shots! What a lovely couple. She seems so spunky. In addition, she is gorgeous!

Congrats to the happy couple!

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