Sunday, 25 September 2011

1 Angry Man

I love it when I come across someone I know in the "real world" that has decided to take up blogging. Partly because I know they will have immense fun doing it and partly because its says they think I'm normal !

Yesterday a cool guy I have known for years decided to start his own blog. I half expected it, as I had noticed a repeat visit on the feedjit widget from the Glossop area!

By day, Mike is a a mild mannered Company Director of Achieving Excellence UK and family man. But looking at the picture it would seem he is only short of the green skin for the complete transformation to "1 Angry Man".

Don't be put off by the title ! The aggression is pure fun, a poke at those annoying little things in life that we all come across. So if you get 5 minutes today please help out a fellow fledgling blogger. Pop over, leave a comment and follow him along. I am sure he will appreciate it !

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll go welcome your friend!

Tara Tyler said...

that IS great!
i'd love to meet some bloggers. my friends look at me with that "i thot i knew you" look when i tell them i have a blog and have finished 2 novels! i need real writing friends!

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