Saturday, 17 September 2011

American Soda

American Soda is a family run business that specialises in the import of traditional American products to the UK market. Their warehouse is a familiar sight to me, not only because I pass it a lot of days each week but because on Saturdays for quite sometime now, I have dropped of my eldest daughter to work.
Along with a big internet sales department American Soda also has a small shop within its warehouse where Rachel has become know as "Saturday Girl", serving behind the counter. If you have ever been in the shop on a Saturday you will have probably met her.
Last week my son, Jake, started work with Rachel, hopefully he will have been given a more appropriate title than "Saturday Girl 2"
At the end of the day I pick them up and in return for the taxi service Rachel buys me a can of Root Beer.

Inside the shop... you are greeted in the corridor with "Pete's Mural" and the mini bike..


Then once inside, rows of sweets, 
soda and American goods that as a Brit look very unfamiliar.

Here we see Rachel and Jacob preparing for opening time.

I'm guessing those of you from the other side of the pond, will spot lots of familiar packaging without even having to read the labels ! 

So what do my American friends recommend to those of us with a British pallet. 
What, if you travelled abroad, could you not live without?

Or if you are an American Soda Customer what do you buy ?

Me I can't even decide from one week to the next if I prefer Mug or A&W Root beer !!!  I thing it may be MUG tonight 

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm Canadian but I guess that's close enough. I couldn't live without heinz ketchup, frenchs mustard, charmin toilet paper, motts vegetable cocktail, ocean spray 100% juice cranberry juice, becel margerine and hellmans mayonaisse. Just for starters.

Su said...

When I lived in Scotland, we would look in every shop for Reese's Pieces. Sometimes we found them, usually we didn't. We would have been delighted to run across a shop like this!

What's really funny is that now that I'm back in the US, I buy imported British things from a shop called British Delights.

Eliza Wynn said...

I'm partial to Dr Pepper, which is also available in a caffeine-free formula. I just wish Dr Pepper didn't contain high-fructose corn syrup, which I avoid as much as possible.

My favorite candies from the U.S. are the 5th Avenue bar and Hershey's Bliss Chocolate Raspberry Meltaway pieces.

RJR said...

I guess we all have things we couldn't live without when abroad.

Heinz Ketchup, Hellmans Mayo, Ocean cranberry and Dr Pepper are products that are native to our shores, but the ingredients are different which affects the flavours.

Anonymous said...

All root beer is wonderful, but it's London for fish n chips, Trinidad for doubles and Canada for sortiledge.
Okay, further proof that I just like to eat. Cheers

RJR said...

I will take your word for it on most of those but I have to say for the best Fish n Chips you need to go to harbour town/village where the fish is fresher than fresh !

My recommendation ?? Go just north of St Andrews (Scotland) The best Fish and Chips in the world !

Anstruther Fish Bar

Simply Suthern said...

I grew up going to an A&W burger place. Root Beer in a can is good. Root Beer in a frosted Mug with a head is fabulous.

Thanks for stopping in my place.

RJR said...

Simply Southern, due to a lack of preparation I didn't have a frosted mug to hand last night, so had to chill with my A&W from the can !

American Soda said...

Hey, thanks for the mention.

Rachel does a great job and we're sure Jake will too. :)

Ben Shideler said...

Barq's Rootbeer is probably the best out there, as I have consumed a lot of root beers out there. It is made by Coca-cola corp.

Honey nut cheerios. They are made by general mills over here and are not the same ones you go.

There wasn't much else that I really craved over there. Now I wish I could get some lucozade energy, citrus was my favorite, but I think that is discontinued now.

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