Wednesday, 14 September 2011

TV commercials

What do you remember about TV as a youth? We had a TV not unlike this one, although I could never work out what the 4th channel select button was for? We could only get BBC1 BBC2 and ITV, then in 1984 we found a use for it with the launch of Channel 4! This gave us 2 commercial channels and the scope for TV advertising doubled. In those days multi-media meant you had a TV and a Radio. The only thing you could get that was cordless would be Pyjamas and they were high tech  
(image from Rewind Museum)

Sad to say when I was younger my parents would tell me I watched to many TV ads. It must be a child/youth thing because I now find my kids can quote current ads verbatim. This thinking got me wandering down memory lane and pondering commercials I have enjoyed.

We start with an ad for the Yellow Pages phone book.. apart from just generally being funny I love the word "eejit"

Next up, the laughing Martians "Then they smash them all to pieces"

Lest we forget, be warned Elephants never do !!

This final one was not meant to be funny but it is now.. 
As you watch on your computer with 3-4MB of memory, remember the day when a unique selling point was 48K of memory !!

If you have been wondering why my posts have been a little less frequent, I have actually been blogging like mad to establish a new blog for the youth class I teach. I mentioned this new assignment a few posts ago (Exciting New Challenges) Now things are settling into a routine I hope to find the time to be selfish and indulge in some blog viewing and writing! I have added a 5 post feed to the new blog on the right side of here or, if you fancy meeting my students or just generally being nosey your welcome to pop in and visit at ..

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Interesting to see British commercials. I remember the one for Coca-Cola where a large group of people sang the song "I'd like to teach the world to sing..."

Anonymous said...

I'm a heck of a lot older than you. I can remember one commercial per show usually right in the middle and done by the actors.

Anne-Marie said...

The very first commercial I can remember was for Pepso-Dent toothpaste..."You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepso-Dent", sung by cartoon figures not unlike the ones on today's Rice Krispies ads....way back in the late 50's...haaaa!
John, not sure how often Ruth checks her blog, so would you let her know I have Blog Candy she could win by Sunday? Thanks.
Good luck with Seminary!

Peggy Eddleman said...

I always wondered what the U was for on our television. :) And what a walk down memory lane!

Julie said...

It's really fun to see British commercials. I had to laugh at the Rolo one, what a brat that kid was. :D

Best of luck with your new challenge, it sounds like a great class.

Duckie. said...

I did a bit better job on your Mum's hair!, didn't I?? though it was a bit of a shock holding a ponytail in one's hand,thinking what have I started!

Crystal Pistol said...

What a great idea to do a blog for seminary students! I hope that is all going well for you. I'm sure they enjoy you a great deal!

Diane said...

Okay, I cut my own hair last week and it looks just the same! Sigh! And I loved the Rolo ad. Elephants NEVER forget! I love ads. One of my favorites was a Kraft Peanut Butter ad featuring Noah's ark. I used to giggle uproariously (real word) when it came on. It explained everything! What a wonderful idea to encourage your Seminary class to blog! Things have sure changed since I taught!

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