Sunday, 2 October 2011

General Conference

In April of this year, I took part in the A-Z blogging challenge. It just so happened that the letter C fell around the time of the 181st Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

As a member of that church, or a Mormon, I decided that C was for Conference Centre. Interestingly the post C is for Conference Centre is my 3rd most viewed of all time, currently standing at 1,295. Part of that, is people hitting Google images, looking for pictures of the conference centre.

Here we are 6  months later, realising that time flies by far quicker than it ever used to!! As church conferences are Semi-Annual, it is conference time again.

I don't often blog about overtly religious things, my blogger profile does however suggest that many of my outlooks on life are influenced by my LDS beliefs and general experiences. One exception was when I mentioned in August, that I also author a blog for the Seminary class I teach. Which is why my posts on here are not quite as frequent as they were.

Many people consider Religion and Politics to be taboo subjects, but I have found most bloggers to be pretty open minded about things.

So what is General Conference, its basically a chance for the leadership of the church to speak globally to the members over a weekend period. The conference centre holds around 21,000 people but that just scratches the surface. We for example watched conference at our local Stake Centre via a satellite link, in fact the 2 hour sessions of conference are available all around the world to millions of church members, via either satellite or internet.

The purpose is to inspire, motivate and uplift. It is not just about what you hear said, attending conference in a spirit of wanting to learn often brings you personal promptings or insights that help to direct your life. The sessions of conference are available to read, download or watch for the next 6 months HERE

During a conference session this morning I kept thinking about a video I have, It was never mentioned, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. An LDS photographer by the name of Mark Mabry created some excellent artistic images depicting the life of the Saviour. The video is a slide show of these images with an excellent musical soundtrack. Although from an LDS artist I think the pictures are outstanding for anyone with a Christian background. View large screen, with the volume up high and enjoy.

No doubt with my random thoughts, we will be back to dogs or funnies next post, till then enjoy life, you only get the one try!

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Crystal Pistol said...

I absolutely love conference! President Monson's talk this morning was wonderful. my children were entranced when he told the story of the 5 dollars in the wet wash.

Our leaders are beyond inspired. I benefit from their words so much.

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