Sunday, 13 November 2011

Model Boats

Yesterday Ruth and I spent the morning at the Etherow Model Boat Club's lake, with my Dad. I have for some years been a keen model maker, admittedly it has been some months since I ventured down the to my workbench in the shed at the bottom of the garden! My usual model making is Railway related, ranging  from making layouts made from shop bought 1:160 scale trains, through to hand making my own trains in 1:24th scale. In fact my first steps into using blogger came when I set up RJR Models blog but for the last few months I have lost the model making bug.

Typically I made things like these below. On the left a 1:87 scale US themed layout or on the right a collection of hand made 1:24 scale locomotives and coaches for in my garden..


With the passing of my Mum I have been spending more time with Dad and it seemed a logical and fun thing to share our enjoyment of model making. So I have brought one of his large scale boats home to look after and become a member of the Etherow Model Boat Club with him. He has been an active member there for some time, both he and Mum have served on the clubs committee. It was nice to learn that the club plans to name a a yacht racing trophy after Mum, "The Velda Teal Cup" Dad also runs the club blog/website with a little help when required from me.

Having been to Etherow each Saturday since Mums passing, yesterday was our first time putting boats in the water. I took Ruth, my youngest along and we shared my new captains role with the boat we now call ours.

Dad started ofg sailing one of his small yachts. While the two of them concentrated I got out the camera.

After a while the time seemed right and Dad went and got Mums boat from the car and we all had a go of that. It is a lovely boat that he has spent months making and Mum used to spend hours sailing. Pepe the dog enjoyed sitting watching too.

Finally the boats got put away and we went for a stroll round the park, 3 generations and the dog. Although Pepe was not too keen on walking AWAY from the parks Cafe..

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful boats...poor Pepe.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The trains and boats are amazing! Glad you were able to get out with your father and daughter to sail boats.

Duckie. said...

Good company,good weather and chip butties ! What more can you ask for ??.

Diane said...

I love model trains! I tried to convince my Husby to collect trains, but didn't make much progress. So nice that some people still do it!!!

Leanne said...

What a wonderful way to make memories. And I think thats an absolutely beautiful way to have time with your Mum,his wife,and grandma.

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