Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Division of blogs?

I've not posted here for a while, that's not to say I haven't been blogging. I purposely set up different blogs to divide my interests. The idea was to create blogs of interest to specific readers. The downside is when my life follows a particular direction one blog gets an uneven amount of posts, and the others look abandoned !!!

After finishing my evening and morning church classes for the school Christmas holidays, I have some free time to pursue a bit of model making. Hence RJR Models blog has had a few updates of late.. This is my latest project.

Its a 1/6 scale Radio controlled boat 43" long 14" wide. To give an idea of size the figure at the back is a 12" Action Man.

To help keep the blogs united I have added a list on the top right of this blog, that will update when ever I update one of the others.

Family Friendly Blog Included in the Family Friendly Blogger listing ... Click logo for details.
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