Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Division of blogs?

I've not posted here for a while, that's not to say I haven't been blogging. I purposely set up different blogs to divide my interests. The idea was to create blogs of interest to specific readers. The downside is when my life follows a particular direction one blog gets an uneven amount of posts, and the others look abandoned !!!

After finishing my evening and morning church classes for the school Christmas holidays, I have some free time to pursue a bit of model making. Hence RJR Models blog has had a few updates of late.. This is my latest project.

Its a 1/6 scale Radio controlled boat 43" long 14" wide. To give an idea of size the figure at the back is a 12" Action Man.

To help keep the blogs united I have added a list on the top right of this blog, that will update when ever I update one of the others.

Family Friendly Blog Included in the Family Friendly Blogger listing ... Click logo for details.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's cool!
How do you keep up with more than one blog?

RJR said...

I don't ! I just flit between them !! The logic was some folk might like the models I make, some are regular readers of the religious content and others just pop in on this more general blog. It seemed unfair to bore readers of one interest, with things relating to another

Crystal Pistol said...

I have no problem boring readers with varied content. :) which is exactly why I'm not famous yet. :)

Cool boat!

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