Friday, 27 January 2012

A move to the dark side

I have previously blogged about our family being a home divided.  When it came to the fruit of technology, I was a Blackberry and Joanne was an Apple. Well, as the blog title suggests, one of us has changed camps... I have moved over to the dark side and am now the owner of an iphone 4.

My Blackberry was coming to the end of its 24month contract and an upgrade to the handset became available. To be honest the Blackberry has very nearly "fulfilled the measure of its creation" it was really on its last legs. It has given friends a challenge reading my recent text messages... over the last 4 weeks I have lost two letters off the keypad.

First the letter Q fell off, which was a minor inconvenience, then the letter M fell off. I had to use N instead. "What tine will you be hone fron work?" would be a typical coded message you could expect from me! Something had to be done. I investigated upgrading the handset 50 days early, only to realise this would mean my next handset would have to survive 24 months + 50 days. I didn't fancy that.

I considered a newer Blackberry , I glanced at iphones, they were seductive !

Ultimately I got the best deal by changing networks and paying up the last 50 days to my original provider, it was all done in store and I walked out with a new iphone4, 2000 inclusive minutes, 3000 inclusive texts and unlimited internet access for £35 a month. But why an iphone ??

Keys cant fall off !
I have got use to the touch, swipe and slide by using the families ipad.
The user interface is far better than a Blackberry and very "second nature"
I am still not impressed with how complicated itunes is, how hard they have made the simple act of storing a music file ! But I have to live with that with all the other idevices in the house anyway.
Internet viewings is far easier, being able to slide to zoom is so nice.

So in a nutshell, I'm a convert to the sleek lines of my new itoy. If only they could sort out an app for blogger that allows you to write posts in "compose" mode!!!

On a different note, I have had some video fun with the church classes I teach this week. Not so long ago we came across a way for them to memorise the 10 commandments. So we had so fun videoing them.

First up, my daily, early morning Seminary class. Aged from 14 to 18 they come each school day for an RE class from 6.10-7.00 pm they are like my second family and fun to be around.

Next up, On Thursday evenings 8.40-9.30pm I teach another Scripture class at the Manchester/Ashton Institute of religion. This group are Young adults 18-30. At the end of the class I challenged them to outdo my Seminary class. Here they are...

I cant decide, which ones look the most awake !

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Huntress said...

I am called a 'tech whore' by my geek-challenged daughter.
I am sure it was a compliment but with kids *shrug* you never know.

My Blackberry is doing very well but since anything new and different grabs my attention like catnip to a kitten, yep, probably an Iphone is in my future.

RJR said...

Huntress, you got in there with a comment before I had added the second half of the post !! Interestingly the second video that is now in the post was filmed in HD, then uploaded to Youtube all on my iphone, I couldn't have done that so easily on my Blackberry !

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new technology...nothing like new toys.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Welcome to the dark Apple side! I don't have an iPhone (I don't own any cell phone) but I do have an iPad and iTouch.

Anonymous said...

Good bye, sentimental friend :)

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