Sunday, 22 April 2012

Brit Mums - Dads Group Blog Hop

BritMums Association of Dads
Last Sunday I started a Linky List for a blog Hop today.

The purpose was to give members of the Brit Mums - Dads Group a chance to find each others blog's and get to know a bit more about each other.

Hopefully this will not be the last activity to promote the group.

If you are here as part of the list, feel at home and have a nosey around. I am currently involved in the April A-Z challenge of 26 posts in April, each one inspired by a letter of the alphabet. So that will explain why a lot of my recent posts start with titles such as "S is for Simon's Cat"

If you are here for the A-Z challenge and happen to be a Dad, then sign up for the day, a mini hop will keep your hand in for tomorrows "T is for..."

% Questions for the Hop..

Why do you blog?
I blog for a couple of reasons. At first I blogged to empty my head and to straighten my thoughts, I then found that I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with others. I also enjoy the sense of community that blogging gives. I have connected with some great people through blogging.

If you could choose a performer to see in concert who would it be?
When I was a teenager I passed up the chance to see U2 at Manchester Apollo, a small venue which was probably all they could fill at the time. Several years ago they came to what is now the Etihad Stadium. My friend and I talked about going but at the time couldn't justify the price of the tickets. So on the night, we sat in the back of his pick up truck in Asda Walmart car park, next door to the stadium. We couldn't see the show but heard it all!! The two of us finally got to see them at Sheffield Don Valley when they did the 360 tour a couple of years later. It was amazing. If I could go to any concert tonight ... It would be U2 again.

How is your blog influenced by you being a Dad?
I am not a dedicated parenting blogger, however with three teenage children ages 18,16 and 13 everything I do in life is influenced by being a Dad. Blogging is no exception. Occasional posts talk about the kids, sometimes I write about family life, but even when the topic is nothing to do with being a parent, it is written as a parent.

What is your favourite film?
Avatar is probably my favourite at the moment, love the look the feel and the story

Who gets up for your kids in the night?
That would be me, When the kids were little I would go and get them if they needed feeding. Mrs RJR fed them and I took them back. When the boy had several years of night terrors, it was me that calmed him down and got him back to sleep. The strange thing is, now they are teenagers and sleep far more than us I struggle to get up in the night when I have to !!  The last time was when the 18yo arranged a couple of days in London with a couple of friends to see Le Mis.. I got the job of taking them to the train station for 3am !!! I was half day

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Bob said...

U2 is possibly the only 'big' band I've not seen that I might actually enjoy going to their gig. I'm just not a fan of huge venues I think.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I have never seen Avatar, obviously something that needs to be put right in the near future.

Bob said...

My wife wanted to bin all the electronics in our house after watching Avatar. Kept watching V for Vendetta as well... :S

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