Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for ebay

Hands up if you find Ebay addictive !!

Those with your hands still down, must never have used it !

Its just too easy to buy from anywhere around the globe and have it turn up at your doorstep.

In my early days of using Ebay I would get sucked into the auctions and end up risking paying more than I wanted to. On one occasion, Mrs RJR and I placed a bid on a new trim for the wheel of our car (one had got lost) We only realised after placing the bid, that the item was the wrong size. Never had I wished so much to be outbid. True to form in the closing minutes, another buyer swooped in and won our unwanted potential purchase, we laughed, smiled and celebrated our loss !!

I now check carefully that the items is actually what I think it is and decide upfront what I am prepared to pay as a maximum.

Sometimes the bargains are amazing. A brand new case for my daughters phone.. Less than £2 including shipping from Hong Kong!!

Only on one occasion have I felt let down, I am currently in "negotiations" with a gentleman in China who has failed to deliver £7's worth of radio control equipment. My patience is wearing a little thin !

So do you use Ebay and if so what is the best, biggest, most expensive or cheapest thing you have bought ?

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Anonymous said...

My hand is still down and no I've never used it.. Why? because i would be so hooked. I avoid auctions for the same reason. I wouldn't be able to stop myself.
Twitter: @LynneinPborough

Crystal Pistol said...

I can't do ebay. I get too upset when people outbid me. I get attached to the Thing I wanted! :)

John Teal said...

Lynn sounds like you are making a wise choice.

Crystal.. You crack me up, even without your name I would know that was you !

Anonymous said...

I did buy something on EBay..a Melman for my grandson..couldn't find one anywhere else. It went fairly smoothly.

DL Hammons said...

I have toyed around with EBay from time to time, but never really have dived in full bore. I know there are some great deals out there! :)

DL Hammons @ Cruising Altitude 2.0
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Duckie. said...

Where's my servo's??
Kidding , I know you are checking up on them

Elizabeth Mueller said...

You can get some pretty good deals here. It's a fabulous place to visit IF you have money! :P


A to Z co-host

Arlee Bird said...

I've looked at it, but I've never used EBay. I've been tempted to sell some things though.

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