Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for First Love

In true Sesame Street style, today's post is brought to you with the letter F and the number 1, 1 being first !!

Do you remember that magical moment that you first fell in love, stole your first kiss or even shared a Coca cola ?

In the 80's when music was good and fashion was a bit dubious, Robin Beck brought out a single titled "First Love" which was originally recorded for a Coca Cola advert. It proved to be a one hit wonder in the UK but I bet everyone of a "certain age" can sing along to it !

When ever I hear T'pau sing the opening bars of "Heart and Soul" it takes me straight back to the first kiss between Mrs RJR and I.

So here is the bit where you flood the comments box with your first love, do you remember that significant moment when you stole your first kiss or your hands touch for the first time ??

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Duckie. said...

Your just a big softie really,aren't you.
Remember it well,how can you ever forget that magical moment when you first SAW let alone kissed or touched.
See you must be a chip off the old block after all!.
That's it, tears in the keyboard don't do very good, that's the words of a new song surely "Tears in the keyboard"!

Huntress said...

Ditto the above comment. LOL

My first love was Gene Kelly in The Three Musketeers. I was maybe 6 when I saw the film on TV.

Anonymous said...

I dont think I've ever had that moment. Looking back its all just an illusion. Sorry, I'm cynical today ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Think I'll have to save mine for my blogfest.

John Teal said...

Duckie.... yep tough exterior soft on the inside.

Huntress Mr kelly must have made quite an impression.

Dirtylittlewhispers, so sad.

Alex such a tease.

Kristine said...

11 years old is technically the first, I guess. Playing tag with a bunch of friends at school and the boy I liked and I ran around the same tree at the same time. No one saw us, we dared each other. Pretty sure we missed each others's lips in the excitement, but there it was. The first REAL kiss that landed right was when I was 16 and had my first real boyfriend. I'm happy to say that I look back on those times with smiles, not embarrassment in any way!

Tracy said...

My first love was Pat Boone in April Love...haha, makes me laugh to think about it! great F word!

Arlee Bird said...

I've been halfway thinking about this since Alex brought up his blogfest, but I don't know if I'll remember anything.

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