Friday, 20 April 2012

R is for Railways

A couple of days ago I posted M is for Models
At the risk of boring folks, today's letter is model railway related too. But just to try and keep you interested, today instead of pictures I have some videos I made.

First up is a video of a layout I built in my 8' x 6' garden shed. It is 1/72 scale

This video was the subject of a post in last years A-Z, entitled Y is for YouTube.When I posted 12 months ago it had gained 288 thousand views. The post explained some of my thoughts as to why the views were so high. As of today, it has had 590,141 views !

Next up, playing with video software I added rain...This model set up, replaced the one above in the shed

The first two videos feature mainly "out of the box" trains with detail modifications / painting and hand made scenery/buildings. The rest of the videos are of trains that I have made from scratch using sheets of plastic.

Much bigger scales can handle the snow in my garden

Of course its not always snowing.

When the kids got a trampoline, the out door line was modified as a section of it at the bottom end of the garden was in the way. In this next video you can see the line instead of looping round a rockery it now passes under the trampoline and up to the top of the garden.


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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those were really cool. I liked the one with the ambient noises. I could hear the beeping of a vehicle backing up.

Darlene said...

Awesome trains!

Duckie. said...

Great video's John and the trains are great too of course.

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