Monday, 2 July 2012

Passenger Trains

Its been a manic weekend with very little respite between operating as a kids Taxi Service. Taking to Saturday jobs, sports, dances and picking up from airports all had to fit in. But I did get 20 mins to chillax in the garden, watching the "train take the strain"


This first little engine is a Playmobil bargain from Ebay, pretty much as it would be sold as a kiddies toy. All I have done is add a couple of finer details and given it a new paint job.

The videos were compiled while the Euro 2012 finals were on in the background.


This BIG blue coach doesn't get to see the light of day very often. Like most of my stock it is scratch built from plastic sheets, each time I look at it I am reminded that it has dozens of windows that I still need to glaze. Hence the pictures of just the first 6 windows. The last picture of the set of three is the inside of the smaller green and cream train which is in the next video.

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