Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jessie the Cockapoo

I haven't posted for a while for various reasons, model making, holidays family commitments etc. But tonight I have some exciting news to share... The RJR household has a new addition, Jessie the Cockapoo puppy.

We bought her on Friday on our way home from our family Holiday in Scotland. She wasn't an impulse buy, our youngest daughter Ruth has wanted a dog for ages and I have been more okay with the idea than Mrs RJR has. The weeks vaccation was a chance to relax and for us to discuss the matter without the distractions of life. 
Once Mrs RJR had decided, we set too searching the internet for available puppies. This little girl was the right breed, at the right time, for the right price. It was also possible to divert on our return from Scotland to Doncaster to check out the litter... So how any people do you know that decide to buy a dog, then just "window shop" when viewing cute puppies ??? Not us 
The litter had started at nine, two had already found homes leaving five apricot/golden and two black puppies. Mrs RJRs criteria was cute, curly, and full of life and potentially good at fetching balls on walks. All the pups were cute in abundance and to top it of the mum was a working Cocker Spaniel gun dog (good at fetching !) 
For a time my two daughters and wife, each had a little girl puppy each in their arms, despite being the one that was over excited on Thursday night, I was sensible enough to remind them 3 puppies was not an option ! So a choice had to be made

There is so much conflicting opinion about how old a puppy should be before leaving, Some say 6-8 weeks is optimum, with 49 days being a "golden number" some say 10 to 12 weeks. Whatever you end up doing someone will look at you disapprovingly? The litter had been separated from their mum at just under 5 weeks as the nine of them proved too much for her mum to feed. So they had been hand weaned for some time. So when we went to view the only final separation was from her siblings. We brought her away at 7 weeks old, as a fit and healthy little puppy. 
She has settled really well at home and even wants to go out to toilet. Eating, sleeping and playing are her three favourite things. Its already evident she is a really clever little dog !

Having not had her vaccinations she is not allowed out, but she can socialise with the other hounds in our family. 

Here she is this afternoon, playing with me, my trains in the garden and Dads long hair Chihuahua, who has come to see our home as his territory over the past months. By the end of the afternoon Pepe was accepting but cautious !


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