Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weddings and puppies

If you ever want a stressful day, accept the assignment to be a wedding photographer for a friend !

Over the years I have had 4 such stressful days. 
My sister in law and 3 siblings from friends who are like family.

The stress comes from knowing that if it goes wrong for any reason there is no going back and redoing the day. Simple things become the stuff of pre-wedding nightmares, such as...
Camera fail ( I take two) 
Delete pics by mistake  ( I make duplicates and down load to laptop half way through )
Poor photography ( I take hundreds, law of average says some must be good )

I'm far from being a professional photographer, but I have a steady hand ! Plus if you pay peanuts you can only expect to hire monkeys :) The guy that's free, generally wins the contract.

The beautiful bride above is Lauren taken before the service yesterday.

More pictures can be found HERE 

In other news our puppy is still growing and getting into mischief.

She looks more like a blonde version of Tatty Teddy of "Forever Friends" fame with every passing day

Lots more about Jessie can be found at her blog, Jessie The Cockapoo

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