E is for energy

Ever had one of those days when you just dont feel quite as full of enegy as normal, perhaps if this was a picture of your energy source, it would be a little dim, not quite as vibrant ?
Work, children and life draining your batteries faster than you can recharge them?

For some time now I have held a theory as to why parents are always tired and children are full of energy.
I think I first noticed the cause, when I realised that the kids always woke up earlier and with more energy than we did as parents. I spent days pondering this strange fact. Then in a eureka moment I realised what was happening....

After the hours of dark, children mutate into energy sucking,vampire type creatures. You put them to bed and tuck them in, perhaps read a bedtime story and when they doze off, you creep out leaving them to sleep. Perhaps you get some child free time before retiring to bed yourself ? But things become more sinister once YOU fall asleep. Its in those dark times, when your fast asleep, the children sneak into your room and with frightening stealth, feed off your inner energy reserves !

Now I do have some evidence to support my theory which I will share now....

Did you notice how as a new parent, when you let your new bundle of joy sleep in a cot in your room, tiredness was horrendous !!
If during the night you end up either letting a child into your bed, or squashing into theirs to comfort them after a nightmare, you always feel worse!!
As children get older and you have less contact during the hours of Darkness, the symptoms reduce !!!

Now the cynics amongst you will say that my evidence could also be interpreted to suggest lack of sleep is the  key factor, to you I would say .... you have no evidence to prove me wrong !!!!! Like any good conspiracy theory the lack of evidence proves me right !.... Government scientists may try and disprove my alarming discovery, but its all a cover-up !!!


Nate Wilson said...

In a couple months, I'll be able to test your theory firsthand. Of course, I likely won't be coherent enough to tabulate all the data, but that in of itself might be proof.

Janet said...

I once caught my toddler sitting on top of me in the middle of the night, sucking the energy right out of my soul...yep, and he was quite the ball of energy the next day! I say you're right!!

Margaret Hall said...

Kids have not ONE clue how keeping us up at night affects us~!! They are up at dawn all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and could really CARE LESS...My kids used to think it fun to STAY up with us and sleep on the floor late at night, but then would be wide awake when we carried them to bed~!!
I "hear" ya'...it's a Conspiracy..probably Government instigated~!!...lol

Will now dash to "F"...(runnin' late..)


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