This page is dedicated to those who are Fabulous Followers of blogs

Without Followers blogging would not really be blogging, it would be a private journal or a one sided conversation. So in recognition of the time and effort that you put into following, please accept this award.

Its different than most awards because it is not given to you for being an excellent blogger, which I am sure you are, its presented for being a Fabulous Follower. The sort of person that visits, comments and adds to the rich tapestry of a blog post.

Please feel free to take the award and wear on your blog with pride. You can either save the image directly or copy the code in red underneath it and paste it into your blog as HTML


If you have followers of your own that you would like to recognise, you can copy the following code which you can then leave as a comment in the recipients blog. It creates a link which sends them to this page so they too can receive a Follower Award.

<a href="">Thank you for being a wonderful Follower of my blog, please click here and collect an award for your time and effort</a>

Simply highlight all the text in the box above, then copy and paste it into the comment form of a post on your treasured followers blog.   It will appear as a link just like the 1st comment on this post.