Monday, 14 March 2011

Blogging vs Facebook

I came across the question today "Why is everyone blogging, isn't it just like Facebook?"  Well I have touched on this before, in particular my thoughts on the short stilted comments often seen on facebook, in a previous post about "social networking" and also about why the creative element of blogging appeals to me in a post  entitled "Creative" but if the question is raised who am I not to answer ! So today's post is especially for my Facebook friends who drop in and visit, in particular emylou123 who has bit the bullet and decided to blog !

Well first up for me is the whole creative outlet that blogging allows, its a chance to play with pictures, videos and words. Often when I create a blog I spend as much time messing with how it looks as what its says. The Bart image above for example, I put together from 3 different images found on Google, that was fun in itself.
I also find it helps me improve my writing style (It hasn't yet I hear you say) but its good to write, read, correct and improve yourself.
I also like being to able to share an opinion and explain why I hold that opinion, not just a single sentence status entry.
How about some of the excellent example of blogs and what hey offer like Grumpy Old Ken and his satirical take on life, or Lynn and her self challenge to do something that scares you every day. Then there is John that prepares cracking lesson supplements for his Sunday School class and dozens of others that I follow.
Then there is the ability to link all these great blogs together, if you hadn't realised clicking on the coloured words in the text above takes you to the persons blog ! Plus the more you link the more people will find you !

How about sharing some info and pictures, like our family recipe for Yorkshire puddings..

Pre-heat oven to gas mark6
Using a pudding tray add a drop of olive oil to all 12 holes and place in oven
Mix 1/2 pint milk, 4 oz plain flour and 2 eggs
Add mixture to the tray in each of the 12 holes when the oil is hot
Bake for 20-30 minutes

I know that was totally random in the middle of a post about blogging but it illustrates the point that a blog is a bit more than a facebook page, doesn't it?

Perhaps you have some profound thoughts, that just don't fit in a Facebook status line or maybe you just want to ramble.

Of course this is not to say Facebook is not useful, its a bit like comparing a quick test message to a good old natter to a friend on the phone... Of course I can only make an assumption that this last parallel works, as Mrs RJR will tell you, when placed on a phone or face to face I hardly talk !!
So perhaps blogging is just my outlet ??

So to my non blogging Facebook friends dip a toe in the water, but be warned you WILL get hooked. Its easy just visit bloggers home page and create a free account

For my blogging friends, add a comment and help me out with this one ....


Ruth Teal said...

'Blogging friend'- He's right it is hooking! You should have a go! I already got two of my friends to make a blog and they are hooked too. But of course, the person that got me into blogging myself is this man himself, JohnTeal

aka my DADDY!!!!!! RuthieTootieWishes <----- check out mine!<3

Lynn said...

I couldn't agree more about blogging being a creative outlet, that in my opinion, far exceeds Facebook's capability. In some odd sense, I find it to serve as a public diary of things I've done and thoughts I've "thunk". I find myself, like you, playing with wording and images and positioning of them both to perfect my little piece of artwork known as a post. I am definitely addicted to blogging and I think more then anything, I love the words and the writing. I see so many truncated thoughts on Facebook limited to acronyms and initials, and I find blogging returns me to some sense of real literature. I love reading your posts, as well as others, that spur different ideas of creativity which mean much more to me then knowing "It's dinner time" or, "I have a headache" via a Facebook status update. I will end here as I don't want to bogart your comment section, but thanks so much for the mention!!!

Gdub said...

The immediately obvious difference is that anything published on Facebook is not generally accessible outside your circle of friends. Those of us with an inflated sense of importance *cough* me *cough* like to know that as many folks as possible have access to our extreme wisdom.

For instance, I have an anonymous reader from India. INDIA! That wouldn't have happened if I kept my stuff on Facebook.

Duckie. said...

Couldn't agree with you more John, as finding something of interest for my Club blog is a bit more dificult than my own blog. Yes I run two blogs same as my boy! The members of the club I'm a member of seem to like the Blog better than a website! but there again its down to the amount of effort than one is prepared to put into something isn't it, I'm on the Etherow model boat blog by the way if its of any interest out there

VioletSky said...

When I first started blogging I would get so excited seeing a new reader was popping in - whether they left a comment or not. Sometimes, the ones who just read and didn't comment fueled me even more to keep writing. Eventually, I found that I was (am) writing for my new blogfriends.

and I love your model trains btw - something new for me!

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