Saturday, 24 September 2011

American Soda - Root Beer

Last Saturday I blogged about American Soda. Just as I always do I was there again this morning, dropping Rachel and Jake off for work. I don't always go in when I drop them off as its far too tempting. But I decided this morning, that to day would be the day to make a decision about Mug or A&W Root Beer.
While I waited for the till to warm up, the conversation went something like.

"We don't open til 10 Dad"
"The customer is ALWAYS right !"
"You'r not a customer, your Dad"
"I'm a customer. I'm on this side of the counter with money!"

It was one of those times I was in their world and what little control over them I have, was no longer mine! To be fair they remained courteous under pressure from a stroppy customer (me) who had other places to be.

My purchase? Mug and A&W Root Beer.
The task to finally determine which I prefer the most!

After taking the picture seen above I opened a can of each. First impression, the A&W made much more noise, obviously under more pressure. This confirmed my thought that Mug is not quite as fizzy.
The smell of the A&W despite being quite iconic, does seem a little more artificial. Most non Root Beer fans in the UK would say it smells of Germolene antiseptic cream!

On the other hand the Mug has a similar but softer smell.

When drinking the A&W certainly is the more carbonated of the two. I also think the Mug has a smoother creamier taste. Mrs RJR joined in the tasting too and pretty much agreed with my thoughts, not really a Root Beer fan she can't get passed the "medication" thoughts.

For some facts about Root Beer and its origins (the root of a Sassafras tree) click HERE

Conclusions, well overall despite having been familiar with A&W for longer I have decided I prefer Mug from the two !

So last week I asked what you would miss from the vast range of foodstuffs you can normally get. The question this week. If offered a Mug or an A+W which would you take ??

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Siv Maria said...

I miss root beer so much! You can not get it here in Norway so when I go to the states, I always overdose on the stuff!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've never noticed a difference. Of course, about the only way I drink root beer is in a root beer float with vanilla ice cream.

RJR said...

Siv, that's a shame !

Alex, if you put enough vanilla ice cram in you could be drinking anything ! :)

1 Angry Man said...

Morrison's sells a root beer in a glass bottle made by some traditional drinks company in England for like the last 100 years. Surprised me as never dreamt we had it in this country so long ago. It is really nice and not artificial at all.

Diane said...

Okay, quoting my husband, who thinks that the universe began with a cloud of root beer, "A&W, forever!" But we are talking about a man who served his mission in Paris and who, for two whole years, had to endure their opinion of the 'coughsyrup' smell of root beer. And who, when standing once again in Alberta, made a bee line for the nearest A&W and had to be carried out, root-beer faced, but happy.

RJR said...

Not seen that one Angry Man, but then I'm an Asda shopper.

Dianne, doesn't sound like there would be any converting your hubby!
Didn't realise the French as well as us Brits had the Antiseptic line!

And Via Facebook Whitney Boyd has just voted for A&W !

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Where I grew up, Frostie Root Beer was king. Creamiest frothiest root beer ever! It isn't available where we live now, so now I'm a fan of IBC Root Beer, which is almost as good. Of the choices you offered, I'd opt for A&W, but root beer from a can or plastic bottle simply doesn't taste as good to me as from a glass bottle or on draught. Yeah, ya got me. I'm a root beer snob. (gasp!)

Ben Shideler said...

i would choose the a&w, because mug has way too much foam for my preference.

i don't know if i said this in your last post, but sainsbury had a 2L that was my preference over there.

Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

When I got off the plane, post-mission, the first thing I consumed was a root beer - right at the airport. We had tried making our own in South America, but everyone hated it because it tasted like "medicine". I guess it is an acquired taste. I quite like Barq's Root Beer - it has a bit of a "bite" to it.

RJR said...

I don't recall you mentioning the 2L bottles, thanks for the heads up.

MaMM there are those that say any Root Beer is like medicine ! So your recipe may have been spot on !

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

I've never tried Mug root beer but you're right that A&W root beer has that distinct germolene smell!

Duncan In Kuantan

Anonymous said...

Neither...can't stand the smell or the taste.

Rob-bear said...

First, thanks for coming to visit Bear.
A&W does make good root beer. I've never tried the other. Once in a while I will drop in for one, but its not a life or death kind of thing.

blondie said...

How on earth is Mug the smoother, creamier of the two? Mug is much stronger and sharper than A&W! I love both and have for many years, as well as Barq's and IBC and a few other brands...but I disagree with your description? Are you sure you didn't get it backwards? LOL

Josh said...

RJR, you say you're an ASDA shopper. ASDA sell root beer, it's a brand called Carters. They sell it in packs of six cans. It's £1.37 for six, for the price it's amazing!

Eliza Wynn said...

I'd probably go for Mug. I prefer the taste of Barq's, but it contains caffeine, which isn't good for me.

My favorite used to be Hires, but it's not marketed where I live now.

Loopingstar / Kev G said...

@ Josh ...... Carters Root Beer from ASDA is a horrible fizzy mess , with almost no flavour at all !! I can't really split A&W and Mug , both are a good brew , but you're right in saying Mug is a little smoother and less gassy .
If anyone is desperate for root beer at non-import prices , you can do worse than Bundaberg - sometimes Waitrose have a 4 bottle pack of this Australian root beer on offer at £ 2.50 for 4 bottles !!! Tastes great too :-)

RJR said...

Thanks for all the comments and thoughts, will have to try the Asda and Waitrose offerings.

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